Hacking V2801F, TWCGPON657 & DFP-34X-2C2 to suite your ISP Fiber
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Hacking RTL960x

  • Hacking V2801F, TWCGPON657 & DFP-34X-2C2 to suite your ISP Fiber
  • GPON market is a mess, plus explicit OMCI cause ONU Stick did not work
  • 4-port ONU Emulation Table


RTL960x Family

Stick SoC NAND Mode 4-port EthUni 2.5Gb
T&W TWCGPON657 RTL9601CI 16MiB (128Mb) VEIP, PPTP V1.9.0-240204 MOD
Ubiquiti UFiber Instant RTL9601CI 8MiB (64Mb) VEIP, PPTP NO NO
ODI DFP-34X-2C2 RTL9601D 8MiB (64Mb) VEIP, PPTP 220304 YES
Nokia G-010S-Q RTL9601CI 16MiB (128Mb) ? ? ?


Stick SoC NAND Mode 4-port EthUni 2.5Gb
VSOL V2802RH RTL9601D 4MiB (32Mb) ? NO YES, 1 port
D-Link DPN-FX3060V RTL9607DQ 256MiB (2048Mb) VEIP, PPTP YES NO
SkyWorth GN630E RTL960x ? ? VEIP, PPTP YES YES, 1 port

[!NOTE] The WebGUI of SkyWorth GN630E look alot like V2801F and HGU ODI Firmware


Stick Mode SoC NAND Mode 4-port EthUni
Huawei MA5671a E/GPON Intel ? PPTP, VEIP NO
Nokia G-010S-P E/GPON Intel ? PPTP, VEIP NO
Nokia G-010S-A E/GPON Intel ? PPTP, VEIP NO


Stick Mode SoC NAND Mode 4-port EthUni
Hisense LTF7263-BH+ 10G-EPON/Multi Mode Realtek ? ? ?
Hisense LTF7267-BH+ XGSPON Multi Mode Realtek ? ? ?

[!TIP] Hisense 10G xPON was checked by @YuukiJapanTech, frimware 'might' that support multiple PON mode...

For XG/XGS/10G-E PON Hacking, checkout @YuukiJapanTech on Hacking CA8271x XGS-PON Stick


Code Full name Meaning
PPTP Physical Path Termination Point OLT is responsible to provision of VLAN and LAN Port
VEIP Virtual Ethernet Interface Point Allows multiple Ethernet services to be carried over a single PON link

Guide, Links, Info

  1. Backup env, env2 & config partition Guide by @tdmadam
  2. Setup XPON ONU SFP Stick
  3. flash get, flash set
  4. Health Reporting
  5. Diagnostic
  6. TWCGPON657 × V2801F Firmware
  7. V2801F Auto Reboot
  8. Firmware Emulator
  9. Keygen
  10. Contributors

Success Story

List of users has successfully ditch stock ONU!

  1. @stich86 2.5GbE Internet
  2. My journey connecting fiber internet to my router
  3. Hinet users in TW
  4. @izhamsatria: ~2.5Gbps on TM Unifi before TIME announce 2Gbps plan in Malaysia
  5. Orange Fiber at 2Gbps (MikroTik 10Gbps CCR2004 router & ONT SFP+) In French
  6. MagtiCom Fiber in Georgia
  7. T-Mobile Netherlands replacing Huawei ONT English version
  8. Hack-Gpon.org - Worldwide wiki on how to access, change and edit ONTs
  9. SilkNet Fiber in Georgia

Where to buy?

ODI DFP-34X-2C2 Recommended!

  1. HSGQ @ Taobao Mall
  2. Fibershow @ AliExpress Choose XPON
  3. CureComp Technology Malaysia


  • Much cheaper than VSOL V2801F & CarlitoxxPro CPGOS03-0490 v2.0!
  • Using latest SoC RTL9601D!
  • Support HEX PLOAM Password! Using 220304 Firmware
  • Support 2.5GbE via HiSGMII or 2500Base-X! See Compatibility, SpeedTest
  • Using newer SFP Body with intergrated heatsink See Picture
  • Very efficient, just 45°C without fan!
  • Automatic/Transparent bridge like VSOL V2801F! Using 220304 Firmware
  • Support 4-port ONU Emulation

V2801F Alternative

  1. TWCGPON657 with V2801F Firmware as V2801F substitute
  2. Opton GP801R Found by @AreYouLoco


  • Limited 2.5GbE Support wrong LAN_SDS_MODE can lock you out, no auto switch
  • HEX PLOAM Password require modification from @zry98
  • Automatic/Full Transparent
  • Support 4-port ONU Emulation
  • Modern WebGUI

Triple Play Multiple ISP Problem, 4-port ONU Emulation

  • Majority fiber vendor support multiple ISP
  • ISP provide Triple Play service (Internet, VoIP & IPTV)
  • Vendor supply 4-port ONU for each service or ISP

4-port ONU Emulation

Based on ru-board, xPON Stick with 4-Port Emulation support is limited!

ONU LAN Port Binding example

If you using 4-port ONU like Huawei HG8240H5, Nokia G-240G-E and Router connected to ONU LAN 2/3/4, you have limited option, I recommend ODI DFP-34X-2C2 with 220304 or newer firmware.

Table 4-port ONU Emulation

Here list of xPON Stick on the market that support 4-port ONU Emulation:

xPON Stick Huawei HG8240H LAN Port Firmware
Root 1 2 3 4 PVID
Huawei MA5671a ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ OpenWRT
Nokia G-010S-P ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ OpenWRT
ODI DFP-34X-2C2 ✔️ ✔️ 210702, 220527
ODI DFP-34X-2C2 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ 220304, 220414
TWCGPON657 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ C00R657V2801F_V1.9.0-220404.tar
V-SOL V2801F ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Stock Firmware

[!TIP] ✔️ Port Emulation Support

Not Supported

Root mean your ONU is All in One where PPPoE/DHCP ended inside ONU (not bridge/route mode)

PVID is VLAN untagging, at router side, WAN connected without VLAN, useful consumer router such as TL-XDR5480 without VLAN support

Multiple ISP


Multiple Service


RTL960x Hacking Contributors

Join us in enhancing this RTL960x documentation repository to support the xPON community. Every piece of information, no matter how small, can make a significant impact on others. Got spare knowledge about ONU Box functionalities? Share it by dumping the information here! Together, let's make xPON more accessible and straightforward!

Good Luck!