Hacking V2801F, TWCGPON657 & DFP-34X-2C2 to suite your ISP Fiber
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O5 No Internet

This known issue with Alcatel/Nokia OLT giving fake O5 ONU Status, OLT will hold OMCI Provisioning until correct OMCI Information

Value to try

In this examplme, will be using Huawei HG8240H as example.

Subscriber Identity


Device Identitiy

flash set GPON_ONU_MODEL HG8240H
flash set GPON_SN HWTC12345678
flash set HW_HWVER BF9.A
flash set OMCI_SW_VER1 V3R017C10S100
flash set OMCI_SW_VER2 V3R017C10S100

Device Capability

flash set OMCC_VER 128
flash set OMCI_TM_OPT 0
flash set OMCI_FAKE_OK 1
flash set OMCI_OLT_MODE 1

If still no luck, try flash all to print all then see any OMCI_*

For Users using CHT FTTH In Taiwan

You can call to support center 0800-080-412 or using online chat from Hinet website to tell them "重整線路" to reset the OLT port and remove OMCI infomation lock.

For Users using Vivo Fibra in the Vivo 1/São Paulo region

You might try setting the following values, they were copied from a stock EdgeCore GG-11000 ONU:

flash set OMCC_VER 160
flash set OMCI_TM_OPT 1

If using DFP-34X-2C2, one option to avoid the OMCI_SW_VER* override after reboot is to set the following value, as discussed here:

flash set OMCI_OLT_MODE 21

The VLAN tag for the internet is not being mapped to 10 like the stock ONU, so check the output of omcicli mib get 84 to get the tag. In my case the VLAN tag for the internet is 885.