Firmwares, Tips and Tricks regarding JioFiber

Updated 2 weeks ago

Firefox for Android

Updated 3 weeks ago

Hacking V2801F, TWCGPON657 & DFP-34X-2C2 to suite your ISP Fiber

Updated 3 weeks ago

Updated 4 weeks ago

Advent of code 2022

Updated 1 month ago

Scripts for manual connections to Private Internet Access

Updated 2 months ago

code crafters sqlite attempt

Updated 3 months ago

This repository will fetch wireguard connection details from Private Internet Access and setup the tunnel in Mikrotik

Updated 5 months ago

API Wrapper for the Mikrotik REST API

Updated 6 months ago

Advent of Code 2021

Updated 6 months ago

My attempt at implementing SHA256

Updated 6 months ago

Advent of Code 2020

Updated 6 months ago

Updated 7 months ago

An Interpreter for the monkey language

Updated 7 months ago

Neptune is my attempt at writing an operating system in rust

Updated 7 months ago

Following the crafting interpreters book. This repo will contain the lox interpreter.

Updated 7 months ago

Dead simple project to mirror Shared onedrive links to your local disk

Updated 8 months ago

Swap Unifi custom firmware with modified firmware to use GPON-ONU on 3rd party OLT

Updated 9 months ago

UFiber Configuration Tool

Updated 2 years ago