Hacking V2801F, TWCGPON657 & DFP-34X-2C2 to suite your ISP Fiber
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Firmware Note
C00R657V00B12_20191121.tar B12 @ 2019-11-21
C00R657V00B13_20191024.tar B13 @ 2019-10-24
C00R657V00B13_20191205.tar B13 @ 2019-12-05
C00R657V00B13_20200507.tar B13 @ 2020-05-07
C00R657V00B15_20201222.tar B15 @ 2020-12-22
C00R657V2801F_V1.9.0-220404.tar V2801F for TWCGPON657

Using V2801F on TWCGPON657

  • Before flash V2801F firmware you need to this first via telnet

    1. flash set LAN_SDS_MODE 1
    2. flash set PON_MODE 3
  • Then you can update V2801F firmware via webgui

  • Once firmware update finish, do this to prevent invalid key reboot:

    1. flash set ELAN_MAC_ADDR 6CEFC6000000
    2. flash set HW_HWVER RTL960x
    3. flash set VS_AUTH_KEY 00CF646955CCBDB88AB3B68922DB810F
  • Set PON_MODE back to 1 GPON or 2 EPON

Change MAC Address

If you plan to change MAC Address and/or Hardware Version, you need generate new VS_AUTH_KEY

You can get VS_AUTH_KEY keygen here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19kkrr8aHL1I5W_Poq_Y8Zd5hCpYU6H1Q

Syntax is:

VsAuthKeyGen.exe <mac_address> [HW_HWVER]


VsAuthKeyGen.exe 781735000000 3FE48153CBAA