Hacking V2801F, TWCGPON657 & DFP-34X-2C2 to suite your ISP Fiber
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Auto Reboot Fix



  • Invalid VS_AUTH_KEY
  • Changing MAC Address ELAN_MAC_ADDR can cause wrong VS_AUTH_KEY value


  • You need to generate new VS_AUTH_KEY when change ELAN_MAC_ADDR and HW_HWVER
  • Apperently, you have few seconds to access Telnet before rebooting
  • To prevent auto reboot by entering echo 3 > /proc/fiber_mode (XPON Ethernet Mode)

If you can't type fast enough, use this autoit script quick_telnet-login.au3.

Take a look some generated VS_AUTH_KEY here


When echo 3 > /proc/fiber_mode is set, you lose telnet acccess, you need to unplug fiber to get back


  • No such problem, VS_AUTH_KEY does not exist.