Neptune is my attempt at writing an operating system in rust
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Neptune is my attempt at writing an Operating System from scratch in Rust.


  1. You'll need nightly version of latest rust compiler. A simple, slightly dangerous way to do this is to run curl -sSf | bash and follow the instructions.

  2. The OS for now uses BIOS to boot. I did not wrote the required ASM to boot into 16 bit and switch from 16 bit -> protected mode for this operating system because I had already done that in an older attempt at writing an operating system. So, For this project, I used bootimage. Install it using cargo install cargo-bootimage.

  3. Install xargo using cargo install xargo.


cargo xrun --release --target ./neptune-x86_64.json

Running tests

cargo xtest --release --target ./neptune-x86_64.json

Future Plans

  1. Boot with UEFI.
  2. Implement a short term scheduler.
  3. Threads.
  4. A Graphics Subsystem, mainly to be used to implement games and not an actual GUI interface.