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kp-dragos-neagu 203fd68b75
Merge pull request #165 from faireOwl/master 3 months ago
faireOwl 4e5714ecc5 Integration of One-Line Call for DIP 3 months ago
faireOwl 9b42ad934a
Add: DIP Support (#159) 3 months ago
gheorghe c7336e9e03 on wireguard switch back to from,, as this is blocking connections on some devices 9 months ago
gheorghe 9ee75c4df1 fixed merge conflict on 10 months ago
a1346054 2eaa262bbe make color definitions portable 10 months ago
a1346054 7d85dae095 move variable to the right place and use it 10 months ago
a1346054 775284eacb add color, just like for openvpn 10 months ago
a1346054 a5bd8532be unify quoting style for echo 10 months ago
a1346054 a534a3cc5f fix conditionals 10 months ago
a1346054 f47b320a4a use modern shell syntax and fix various warnings 10 months ago
a1346054 27ed048374 fix spelling 10 months ago
a1346054 e2b9b733af use proper check for root privileges 10 months ago
T. Nowah f5653e2ed9 updated AllowedIPs to fix iptables errors 10 months ago
Doug 448502d767 Added powershell variant link 10 months ago
FingerlessGloves d65feb7def Update OPNsense script Scope to include DIP 11 months ago
g00n1x b89d7e0382 use instead of 1 year ago
Valery Kalesnik b04be889f0 Address some shellcheck reported issues 1 year ago
gunix 6d06b31af1 fix typo on readme 1 year ago
gunix b8f4116b2d add PowerShell scripts to README in the 3rd party section 1 year ago
John Parton 1e44d65aab Replace #!/bin/bash shebang with #!/usr/bin/env bash 1 year ago
g00n1x e7d4806a9e use the new v6 serverlist 1 year ago
goonix 1898303f44
add NetworkManager-GUI-Support to the 3rd party section of the readme 1 year ago
Derek Battams 24deb12c74
Add link to piawgcli project (#115) 2 years ago
Michael Moon 804b71f01e
Append triffid/pia-wg to 3rd party repository table (#111) 2 years ago
Derek Battams 912d606c50
Update my 3rd party repo (#104) 2 years ago
janranz dd381a35d5 Update to adjust headers / typos 2 years ago
faireOwl 2e29ad2d8d Added notification about PF requirements 2 years ago
faireOwl b8cb2c3684 Normalize spacing 2 years ago
gunix 42db36b7c1 adding faireOwl to the readme as github somehow didn't show him as contributor though he worked a lot on this repo 2 years ago
gunix 742a492eee Region Selection and Other Improvements 2 years ago
Derek Battams d2d24808b5 Add 3rd party repo: piawgmgr 2 years ago
Zachary Murray b355c4c665 Fix unescaped quotes in manual debug curl command 2 years ago
g00n1x cb51b0b79e multiple README improvements, including a list of 3rd party repos 2 years ago
Saverio Miroddi 338ca1ac42
Check if IPv6 got disabled via kernel parameter before trying to disable it 2 years ago
Saverio Miroddi 3814d4be97 Fix a typo in the README 2 years ago
Saverio Miroddi 69dd8154ce Make the OpenVPN credentials file readable only by root 2 years ago
gertjanal f312938435 Fix typo bellow to below 2 years ago
goonix d4b04701a5
Merge pull request #34 from lofidevops/pureos 2 years ago
David 2e53430904 Add PureOS amber. 2 years ago
gunix 88b44a4b76 fixed #32 2 years ago
gunix d85aaf34df Updated the readme to better reflect the distributions that are currently supported. 2 years ago
iPherian 58f7ed3ad2
Detect interfaces on multiple distributions (fixes #25) 2 years ago
gunix 82ebed7c9c #22 fixed 2 years ago
gunix 44bab04ea1 do not stop OpenVPN script if the PIA_PF is missing; also inform the user he needs PIA_TOKEN to run OpenVPN 2 years ago
faireOwl 24c7733c14 Added a 25 second keepalive to keep the NAT active on firewalls. 2 years ago
nurupo 7a76a24a76
Small fixes (#16) 2 years ago
gunix 3e2091e009 #15 fixed 2 years ago
gunix 366f132d1e added support for OpenVPN 2 years ago
bub 8d7b921c28
remove deprecated use of xargs -i for better compatibility 2 years ago