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# Original firmwares from Ubiquiti
All files were extracted from OLT original firmware. *rootfs* files can be extracted with *unsquashfs* (parts of squashfs-tools)
# Partition Layout
Layout of MTD of UF-INSTANT is a little bit different from other Realtek Stick:
# cat /proc/mtd
dev: size erasesize name
mtd0: 00040000 00001000 "boot"
mtd1: 00002000 00001000 "env"
mtd2: 00002000 00001000 "env2"
mtd3: 0003c000 00001000 "config"
mtd4: 00300000 00001000 "k0"
mtd5: 004b0000 00001000 "r0"
mtd6: 00300000 00001000 "k1"
mtd7: 004b0000 00001000 "r1"
mtd8: 00010000 00001000 "hw"
mtd9: 00010000 00001000 "sec"
mtd10: 00001000 00001000 "Partition_010"
mtd11: 00001000 00001000 "Partition_011"
mtd12: 00300000 00001000 "linux"
mtd13: 004b0000 00001000 "rootfs"
*mtd0 -> u-Boot*\
*mtd1/2 -> u-Boot Configuration*\
*mtd3 -> /var/config mount point where all stick configurations are saved*\
*mtd4-5 -> kernel0/rootfs0, for the first image. This can be booted setting flags "sw_commit/sw_active" to 0 on u-Boot configuration*\
*mtd6-7 -> kernel1/rootfs2, for the second image. This can be booted setting flags "sw_commit/sw_active" to 1 on u-Boot configuration*\
*mtd8 -> used by Europa Driver (laser controller), it contains all information about laser calibration, pay attention because is uniq for each stick!*\
*mtd9 -> partition used by original UF-INSTANT firmware to write parameters, not used by modified firmware*\
*mtd10-13 -> overlay partitions*
# Firmware switching
It's possible to switch between the two images in two ways:
1 - changing env `sw_active` and `sw_commit` env from u-Boot prompt (can be done using UART console \
2 - changing env `sw_active` and `sw_commit` from running Linux using command `nv setenv`
Env | Value | Boot Bank
------------| ----- |-------
`sw_active` & `sw_commit` | `0` | kernel0/root0
`sw_active` & `sw_commit` | `1` | kernel1/root1
`nv setenv sw_active 0 && nv setenv sw_commit 0 && reboot` <-- *these commands switch to first image (if booted from second), using 1 doing the reverse*
# Factory reset after 10 boot
The stick with original firmware and without any other modification, use an u-Boot env called `bootlimit` that is configured with a value of 10. There is another variable called `bootcount`, this one is increased on each CPU reset. When `bootlimit == bootcount`, u-Boot format partition `mtd3` and tries to download new configuration from tftpboot. With the modified firmware, that is using `mtd3` for configuration, create a little headache.
To avoid this problem there are two solution:
1 - reset `bootcount` env on each boot of Linux OS, adding the command `nv setenv bootcount 0` on `rc35` file\
2 - disable `bootlimit` env setting it to `0`. Can be done with command `nv set bootlimit 0` on Linux OS\
I prefer first solution, because if you screw up the `mtd3` partition with wrongs values, doing a fast swap for ten times (so avoid full Linux OS boot) will erase config partition an start the stick in factory default