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This is a starting point for Rust solutions to the "Build Your Own SQLite" Challenge.

In this challenge, you'll build a barebones SQLite implementation that supports basic SQL queries like SELECT. Along the way we'll learn about SQLite's file format, how indexed data is stored in B-trees and more.

Note: If you're viewing this repo on GitHub, head over to to signup for early access.

Passing the first stage

The entry point for your SQLite implementation is in src/ Study and uncomment the relevant code, and push your changes to pass the first stage:

git add .
git commit -m "pass 1st stage" # any msg
git push origin master

Time to move on to the next stage!

Stage 2 & beyond

Note: This section is for stages 2 and beyond.

  1. Ensure you have cargo (1.54) installed locally
  2. Run ./ to run your program, which is implemented in src/ This command compiles your Rust project, so it might be slow the first time you run it. Subsequent runs will be fast.
  3. Commit your changes and run git push origin master to submit your solution to CodeCrafters. Test output will be streamed to your terminal.

Sample Databases

To make it easy to test queries locally, we've added a sample database in the root of this repository: sample.db.

This contains two tables: apples & oranges. You can use this to test your implementation for the first 6 stages.

You can explore this database by running queries against it like this:

$ sqlite3 sample.db "select id, name from apples"
1|Granny Smith
4|Golden Delicious

There are two other databases that you can use:

  1. superheroes.db:
    • This is a small version of the test database used in the table-scan stage.
    • It contains one table: superheroes.
    • It is ~1MB in size.
  2. companies.db:
    • This is a small version of the test database used in the index-scan stage.
    • It contains one table: companies, and one index: idx_companies_country
    • It is ~7MB in size.

These aren't included in the repository because they're large in size. You can download them by running this script:


If the script doesn't work for some reason, you can download the databases directly from codecrafters-io/sample-sqlite-databases.