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Ishan Jain 19d7dcdca3 feat: close tab when back button is pressed and history is empty and bring up the home page 4 weeks ago
Ishan Jain 1960f7ce7d feat: close last active tab when home button is pressed 4 weeks ago
mozilla-l10n-automation-bot 55185dcca9
Import l10n. (#27769) 4 weeks ago
Jonathan Almeida 706a73ea3e Issue #27759: Add link to storageMaintenance flag 4 weeks ago
mergify 945019e07c update initial_experiments.json based on the current first-run experiments in experimenter 4 weeks ago
github-actions[bot] e483644de6
Update to Android-Components 108.0.20221108190330. (#27761) 4 weeks ago
Jonathan Almeida 81f513e357 Bug 1798805 - Initialize the FxaPushSupportFeature 4 weeks ago
Roger Yang 5af08cd72c Close #27023: Add capability to override telemetry URL using local properties 4 weeks ago
MickeyMoz d7e40b2a0c Update to Android-Components 108.0.20221108143336. 4 weeks ago
AndiAJ 39937f51c9 For #27392 fix flaky verifyAboutFirefoxPreview UI test 4 weeks ago
MickeyMoz 00327bb4e4 Update to Android-Components 108.0.20221108031613. 4 weeks ago
Ben Dean-Kawamura 70e740f23e Updating the code to work with application-services v95.0.0 4 weeks ago
mozilla-l10n-automation-bot 78bedb9f3c
Import l10n. (#27749) 4 weeks ago
MatthewTighe 2bccb86a9b For #27698: add set as default growth data 4 weeks ago
Noah Bond c59b0845a0 For #27746 - Move top sites text outside of backplating 4 weeks ago
Noah Bond 82fb016098 Revert "For #26606 - Add backplating to Top Sites 4 weeks ago
MickeyMoz 9524ab4845 Update to Android-Components 108.0.20221107190113. 4 weeks ago
Alexander Gramiak 3c0aaa75c0 For #27511: Remove duplicate padding update code 4 weeks ago
mozilla-l10n-automation-bot ac64ec9eff
Import l10n. (#27741) 4 weeks ago
Gregory Mierzwinski bfc385ffce Bug 1793823 - Disable perf tests running on P2. 4 weeks ago
MickeyMoz c2dbba996a Update to Android-Components 108.0.20221107143052. 4 weeks ago
mozilla-l10n-automation-bot 3b85861a0c
Import l10n. (#27736) 4 weeks ago
MickeyMoz c9bebbc4f9 Update to Android-Components 108.0.20221106143258. 1 month ago
mozilla-l10n-automation-bot 61dc36be9f
Import l10n. (#27727) 1 month ago
MickeyMoz 8a38f84bd0 Update to Android-Components 108.0.20221105143131. 1 month ago
mozilla-l10n-automation-bot dae5265c40
Import l10n. (#27717) 1 month ago
MickeyMoz 56cd0e9022 Update to Android-Components 108.0.20221104182737. 1 month ago
AndiAJ 03602239bd For #26710 fix flaky deleteCookiesTest UI test 1 month ago
Gabriel Luong 5410be0e8c For #27667 - Update the commit sha in .git-blame-ignore-revs 1 month ago
Alexandru2909 f10634e593 For #27252 - Update a11y services label for private browsing myths button 1 month ago
mozilla-l10n-automation-bot 61b7815e08
Import l10n. (#27701) 1 month ago
Gabriel Luong 9654b4dfb1 For #27667 - Remove import-ordering from the list of disabled ktlint rules 1 month ago
Noah Bond 1b89abdf3e For #27469 - Update no collections button colors when a wallpaper is selected 1 month ago
Noah Bond 07e461390b For #27468 - Backplate homepage MessageCard 1 month ago
Alexandru2909 62b65d3a57 For #27691 - Replace 'Pocket' word in all strings with placeholder 1 month ago
perrymcmanis144 90d0d9a7c5 Update app/metrics.yaml 1 month ago
Perry McManis c4b4f07a25 added search metrics to baseline ping 1 month ago
kycn dda6719c32 Close #7227: Re-enable storage maintenance call. 1 month ago
MickeyMoz 408d15af9b Update to Android-Components 108.0.20221103143443. 1 month ago
AndiAJ 035305ceb2 For #27220 disable failing manageDownloadsInDownloadsMenuTest UI test 1 month ago
t-p-white 6228dad8e4 For #27472 - Added telemetry data points for the Google Play Store review prompts 1 month ago
Jonathan Almeida ef2af26b69 Bug 1795105: Remove usages of ContentState.thumbnail 1 month ago
Alexandru2909 ee0bff886a For #25814 - Hide "Show search engines" toggle from search settings when unified search is enabled 1 month ago
mozilla-l10n-automation-bot 3a41b00e36
Import l10n. (#27679) 1 month ago
MickeyMoz cd5923f669 Update to Android-Components 108.0.20221102215151. 1 month ago
Noah Bond c89a0d20ef For #27578 - Add optional color parameters to MessageCard 1 month ago
MickeyMoz c18972c29d Update to Android-Components 108.0.20221102190107. 1 month ago
Ryan VanderMeulen ac1393e640 Update Adjust to version 4.33.0 1 month ago
DreVla 27c34cecbf For #27635 - New telemetry for Save to PDF failures 1 month ago
MickeyMoz 063f00ca95 Update to Android-Components 108.0.20221102143037. 1 month ago