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Firmware Partition

Most GPON ONU has 2 firmware partition, it can be same version or different or isp version, xPON standard require any xPON ONU to have 2 firmware partition that can be switch by OLT


Realtek ONU SFP also have 2 parition which is can be switch between version or roll back previous firmware

When you update a firmware, new firmware will be updated on inactive partition, for example:

  • Current active partiton id 0
  • Update firmware at partition id 1


  • Current active partiton id 1
  • Update firmware at partition id 0

Firmware update never replace active patition!


Login into telnet

Check Active Partition Id

nv getenv sw_commit


Do this to switch back:

nv setenv sw_commit 1
nv setenv sw_active 1


nv setenv sw_commit 0
nv setenv sw_active 0